[OpenAFS] openafs 1.5.9 on windows xp 64 bit

Manjiri manjiri@csail.mit.edu
Thu, 16 Nov 2006 08:51:51 -0500


What's the status of AFS client on 64 bit Operating system ?  I am running 
windows XP 64bit with  MIT KFW 3.1 beta1 and openafs version 1.5.9 . I have 
also installed afs plug-in for KFW 3.1 beta 1. I can obtained credentials 
using Network Identity manager. But I don't see associated  AFS tokens in 
Identity manger. When I click AFS ICON I get message saying AFS client 
service is not started. When I try to start the service , it asks me for 
Cell name, user name etc . then I get error saying "AFS client was unable to 
obtain tokens in cell ...Error 11862791().
Any help is appreciated.