[OpenAFS] Re: Compiling on FC6?

William John Murray w.j.murray@rl.ac.uk
Mon, 20 Nov 2006 11:07:09 +0000

> > Ps Or should I just switch to RPM's - is there some info on the ATrpms
> > stuff?
> What info do you need?
> I would test the packages since after all you can simply remove them
> anyways at any time. You'll get update in timely pace with the kernel
> updates and furthermore in case you start mixing different Fedoras and
> RHELs you'll find the same functionality in all of them (all are built
> out of one and the same src.rpm).

Thanks Axel,
           I needed that kick. I enabled ATRPMs, which brought in quite
a lot of updates (and there have been persistent livna/ATrpm problem
   But afs-client knew what it needed.
   The config files have moved from /usr/vice/etc to /etc/openafs, and
it took a couple of reboots to sort them out. I guess the whole
of /usr/vice/etc can go now?