[OpenAFS] many packet are as rx_ignoreAckedPacket and meltdown

Lars Schimmer l.schimmer@cgv.tugraz.at
Fri, 06 Oct 2006 17:47:02 +0200

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Robert Banz wrote:
>>> First, upgrade your fileserver an actual "production" release, such
>>> as 1.4.1.  1.3.81 was pretty good, but, not without problems.  (1.4.1
>>> is not without problems, but with less.)
>> We are thinking of that as a one (last) of possibility, but we are
>> running tens of linux (Debian/stable) servers (not only AFS) as a part
>> of our distributed computing environment and we are trying to keep our
>> server configuration as close as possible to stable dist. And short
>> summary: we don't have any significant AFS problems with same
>> configuration for 1+years...
> Keeping with "random linux distro's" idea of stable for your AFS code i=
> not a good idea.  Stick with OpenAFS's idea of stable -- and while for
> short periods I've ran "development" (e.g late 1.3.*) code on my
> production AFS servers when I was in a pinch, stick to the production
> releases.  Ignore what Debian thinks, because they don't know what
> they're talking about ;)

The problem is, OpenAFS isn=B4t synced with distros developement.
OpenAFS got better and better on a very quick timeslot (a BIG thx for
all the team behind this). So far it wasn=B4t easy for the "stable"
distros to select the correct version to take. At least in sarge it=B4s a
problem, because sarge is stable for some time...
In next Debian there will be a 1.4.x version. And I think the 1.4.1+
versions are much stable than 1.3.8x and so better to keep stable for
some time.
At least there ARE some 1.4.x builts of OpenAFS for debian sarge easy to
Nevertheless we use 1.4.1 and 1.4.fc2/4 in production here on debian
sarge and it works well enough for our small cell.
Most of our "problems" are with the windows version, which is not as
mature as the linux version (in my opinion), which doesn=B4t mean it isn=B4=
as stable as the linux version.

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