[OpenAFS] many packet are as rx_ignoreAckedPacket and meltdown

Michal Svamberg svamberg@gmail.com
Tue, 10 Oct 2006 15:42:29 +0200

We upgraded file servers to 1.4.1 (built  2006-05-05) but not solve meltdown.

Fileserver going in large mode and behaviour of meltdown are:
 - first 10min: 12 idle threads are full used, only 2 idle threads
(get from rxdebug)
 - 0: wprocs counting up from zero
 - about next 10 min: up to 300 process waitings for thread
 - fileserver server clear wprocs (sent VBUSY to clients?) but not
free threads, wprocs counting from zero again
 - after next 10 min: loop is closed, wprocs counting to 300 and clearing its.
 - any time: restart fileserver (via bos command) to normal running

Infliction of meltdown are:
 - users servers (RW + backup volumes)
 - software servers (RW + RO + backup volumes)
 - replication serveres (RO volumes)

Upgrade not solved question about rx_ignoreAckedPacket. What packets are
marked as rx_ignoreAckedPacket?

I have a tons of logs but I don't know what search in logs.

Do you have any ideas?

Thanks, Michal Svamberg.