[OpenAFS] Re: why afs backup is so poorly supported

chas williams - CONTRACTOR chas@cmf.nrl.navy.mil
Tue, 10 Oct 2006 16:18:44 -0400

In message <A729EC0A89BF65A6D0C26B96@sirius.fac.cs.cmu.edu>,Jeffrey Hutzelman w
>On the other hand, usenet servers have soundly beaten us to taking the next 
>logical step, which is to punt entirely on using a general-purpose 
>filesystem and instead use a purpose-built data store.

i have wondered about this.  others have posted about it but i havent seen
any work done in this direction.  would it be useful for the fileserver
to talk to a database backend?  this would instantly get a "logging"
afs filesytem (assuming your database supported this).  transactions
would be known to be atomic (instead of hoping they are using fsync).
there wouldnt be any confusion about "what are these files".