[OpenAFS] Re: why afs backup is so poorly supported

chas williams - CONTRACTOR chas@cmf.nrl.navy.mil
Tue, 10 Oct 2006 17:36:23 -0400

In message <200610102111.RAA09184@quince.ifs.umich.edu>,Marcus Watts writes:
>of postgresql implement blobs as chunks in a special table which can be
>randomly accessed.  Blobs can be up to 2G in size.  There are also
>My recollection is that oracle has some sort of chunk-wise access
>to blobs.  I assume other db systems (db2, etc.) have similar

bdb supports records up to 4G in size. so this will limit files unless
you span them across records.  bdb certainly supports partial access
to records.  it maintains some idea of page size for i/o operations
(where you choose page size based on your applications, probably 16k
for afs given the iovec size at the moment).