[OpenAFS] win afs deamon startup takes about 90seconds

Sebastian Maennling sebastian.maennling@exasol.com
Thu, 12 Oct 2006 12:26:27 +0200


i got a strange problem.
after the installation of winxp (sp2) on a notebook i installed the=20
afs-client (1.4.0101),
configured the client to use the right cell (as i did it on about 20=20
notebooks before).

now when starting the client it takes about 90seconds until the service=20
is availible
in the ms event log i just see "AFS start pending".
in c:\window\temp\afsd_init.log i see that afsd_service.exe takes 30sec,=20
libosi.dll takes 30sec, and afsrpc.dll takes 30sec
dont know if this is normal or how to influence it...

once the deamon is started everything works fine.
i tried several things:
installing with ms loopback adapter and without
reseting ms ip stack
using different versions of afs-client (1.3.x, 1.5)
everytime the same problem.

did i set any known parameter or option in windows that would effect=20
this behavior?
would be great if anybody could help...
thanks in advance**

Sebastian M=E4nnling