[OpenAFS] possible kaserver problem, 1.4.1, Solaris 8

Kevin Hildebrand kevin@umd.edu
Wed, 18 Oct 2006 10:39:12 -0400 (EDT)

Hello, we just updated our DB server machines to 1.4.1 from 1.2.13.  In 
one of our cells, running Solaris 9, everything is fine.  In the other 
cell, running Solaris 8, we are randomly seeing the error "ticket 
contained unknown key version number getting information for XXX" when 
attempting to do things with the kaserver.  For instance, 'kas examine' 
works fine sometimes, and other times it fails with the above error.

Our three servers are voting properly, and the KeyFile and afs key version 
numbers are consistent on all of them.  This problem happens whether I 
point kas at the sync site, or one of the replica sites.  It goes away for 
about five minutes if I restart the kaserver process, but 
then comes back again.

If I roll back the kaserver to 1.2.13, everything works fine.

Any clues?


Kevin Hildebrand
University of Maryland, College Park