[OpenAFS] Volunteer Required: Microsoft Office Scripting

David Steele dsteele@sinenomine.net
Wed, 18 Oct 2006 14:15:55 -0300


Evan Macbeth asked me if I'd take a look at this and I told him I 
would.  I do need a few more details, however, before I can start.

1) Do you need the script to do Excel, Word, and Powerpoint or is just 
one sufficient?
2) AFAIK, only Access allows concurrent access to files.  Would you like 
the script to include Access?
3) I assume you want the script to open a file, fiddle around with it 
for a few minutes and then close it so that the instances on other 
machines can get to it?  I'm sure that I can code the script to error 
gracefully when the file is locked and have it go on to something else.
4) Is Office 2003 OK, or would you need Office 2000?  I'm not sure that 
I have access to 2000 at the moment.

Any additional details you can give me would be helpful.  I'd hate to 
develop something and then find out that it did not meet your needs.