[OpenAFS] AFS shared in 2 networks

Rafael Marco de Lucas rmarco@ifca.unican.es
Thu, 19 Oct 2006 17:34:27 +0200


I have to install a new AFS server but i have some questions
about the network deployment(!) for it.

I am working in a center that has two networks:
- one of them contains contains only resources for strong scientific computing,
some clusters (aprox.1000cpus), the performance is higher and i have full control
over this network
- the other one contains a lot of desktops and a few computation nodes also,
it is inside a university network that use a global firewall for security,

then the point is that i would like to be able to have an access to AFS
server as efficient as possible from both networks, and i would not like
to full the university network bandwidth with AFS transfers between nodes
that actually are in the same computer room,
about the server/s: it probably will be around 3-10 TB with >=2Gbps

It looks the obvious solution is to use a backdoor to access the AFS server
from the university network (avoiding the university firewall+router,
but it is not trivial for me how to do it..

can i put the server in one network and add a nic to connect it directly
to the other network ?... and then change the afs servers ip numbers in CellDB
in clients in that network ?... or is it better to define a static routing
at each client ??(something like defining a static arp for the afs servers ips?)

any help/advice is very welcome,