[OpenAFS] log messages I don't understand

seth vidal skvidal@linux.duke.edu
Mon, 23 Oct 2006 10:39:54 -0400

 I've been getting log reports from some new (openafs 1.4.0 centos 4
x86_64) vol servers we've setup. I'm kind of new at this so I have a few
questions about what some of the logs mean:

volserver[3417]: trans 843 on volume 538013895 is older than 1170
I get a lot of these each day

fileserver[4701]: CB: Call back connect back failed (in break delayed)

I think this one is just a communication failure talking back to the
client from what I've seen in google.

fileserver[4496]: FindClient: client 9632c138(14277b94) already had conn
                 (host 67640398), stolen by client 9632c138(14277b94) 

This one is fairly rare but I was still uncertain about its meaning.

fileserver[4680]: fssync: volume 537466995 restored; breaking all call
volserver[4681]: 1 Volser: Clone: Recloning volume 537466996 to volume

These two happen an enormous amount and always together. The numbers
change, obviously.

Is there a good 'this is what your logs mean' reference for openafs?