[OpenAFS] status of samba serving AFS file space? other non-native windows access?

Dan Pritts danno@internet2.edu
Tue, 24 Oct 2006 14:19:52 -0400

> > ...which are still happenning, although the timeouts are shorter.
> > More detail to follow.  sigh.
> Depending on the symptoms the problems may have been fixed in 1.4.2.

symptom is that the first time a user opened a file with a windows
1.5.10 client, there was a noticeable delay, on the order of 10-30 

a few minutes later, I experienced a similar delay when i attempted
to ls the directory containing this same file.  This was on a mac,
ppc, os 10.4.8, openafs 1.4.2fc3 (it appears from the /Library/Receipts
entry; is there a way to get this out of "fs" or one of the other
command line tools?).

Windows firewalls were open on UDP port 7001.  My mac firewall was
turned off (but it looks like it doesn't filter UDP anyway).

The server is redhat 4, 32-bit x86, still openafs 1.4.1.  

The server FileLog contains this entry:
Mon Oct 23 14:15:24 2006 CB: RCallBackConnectBack failed for x.x.x.x:7001

This happened maybe 20-30 minutes *before* the delays i mentioned.  The IP
is a third client, windows/1.5.10, which might have been looking at
something in the directory, or its parent directory (still in the same
volume), but he didn't think so.  This client also has UDP 7001 open.

I saw mention in your blog about something to do with mobile clients;
all the machines in question are laptops and regularly roam from a wired
to a wireless subnet.  

The log entry above is from right at the time he got up from his desk
at to go to the meeting where this all happened.  the IP address logged
was his address on wireless.  He's 99% sure he was *not* accessing this
directory from his desk.

Also in the log from around then are several "WhoAreYou failed" messages
but the client IP address was that of one of my colleagues who wouldn't
have been accessing this part of AFS.

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