[OpenAFS] little oddity in 1.4.2

Juha Jäykkä juolja@utu.fi
Mon, 30 Oct 2006 07:43:06 +0200

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This is exactly it, though not in quite the way you so elaborately

> to read in the cell name.  Current versions use fgets + strchr
> to trim off the expected trailing newline.  This is in

The key point is *trailing newline*. There *was no* newline (just "cell
name<EOF>") in ThisCell; adding the newline fixed the issue. Conclusion:
this change you described was the reason.

That file was put into place originally by Debian package (the one in
stable) installation scripts, so all Debian users ought to expect the
same problem if they let the package scripts create their ThisCell.

I'm glad this's been resolved. This list is one of the most helpful
mailing lists I've ever come across, albeit sometimes the replies are
of the quite terse "read the manual" -type. =3D)


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