[OpenAFS] Any real need for separate AFS cache harddisk partition?

Marcus Watts mdw@umich.edu
Mon, 30 Oct 2006 05:13:12 -0500

avison48 <avison48@yahoo.co.uk> writes:
> So it is worth it to set up afscache partition? 
> The default on all our other machines seems fine.
> IMHO the less post-OS load tweaks, the better.

It depends on how the machine is going to be used.  If you have things
that create large log files in /var, then putting the afs cache to
compete for the same space may result in an unhappy collision.  While
it's true modern machines have a lot more disk space, they're also a
lot faster at filling up /var with log files, not to mention people and
applications are much better at using space for other purposes.  Try
doing video editting, make a couple of dvd disk images, collect lots of
audio files, or simply run some versions of eclipse, and watch disk
space evaporate like snow in the tropics.

Personally, I have many machines where I don't bother to make
a separate afs cache, and don't care.  I have a few machines where I
wish I had, and one machine where I set it up and was happy I had.
So I find that "light duty" server loads don't need this, while
for "serious development and experimentation" a separate cache is
very worthwhile.  Your experience may vary.  Obviously it's better
to set this up when installing the OS rather than after the fact.

			-Marcus Watts