[OpenAFS] OpenAFS benchark improvements

Jerry Normandin Jerry.Normandin@dafca.com
Wed, 12 Dec 2007 06:52:24 -0800


    Before I execute the openafs 1.4.1 to 1.4.5 upgrade I ran a sanity
check of our OpenAFS deployment here.  I inherited this system, I wasn't
the original architect and I'm a new hire here.  When I arrived a svn
checkout of our source code to someone's afs home took hours.   So I ran
some tests and noticed file creating, renaming, and deletion took
forever.    Metadata issues.    Queries to the VLDB took forever. Before
I executed the updgrade I ran a sanity check, I was surprised at what I
found!  Only 1 vlserver, 1 ptserver,  old entries of retired servers in
vldb.  So I deleted the bogus entries in VLDB.  Migrated 2 home volumes
off a desktop that was configured
As a server to one of our enterprise class afs servers.  Retired the
desktop as a volume server. Added 2 vlservers, added two ptservers.  I
rebooted the=20
Afs servers... noticed afs02 had a bogus uuid, deleted the sysid file,
rebooted the server.  All server processes came up.  My control center
script now execute in 5 seconds! ...My first day here I swear it took
45 minutes!    It was great to hear unsolicited "What did you do?",
"Thanks"., "Great job".  As it turns out the svn checkout to their afs
home directories are fast!  No more pain!  I am working on installing
izozone and some graphing utilities.  Also..Bonnie results showed I went
up from creating 23 files/second in AFS space to 653 files/second! And
this is afs 1.4.1

So.. any of you out there that are experiencing AFS slowness, do a
sanity check to see what you come up with.  You might just say, WTF!