[OpenAFS] Puzzler: lack of access to AFS files

Douglas E. Engert deengert@anl.gov
Wed, 12 Dec 2007 15:32:27 -0600

Jeffrey Altman wrote:
> Douglas E. Engert wrote:
>>>> Sounds like the tail waging the dog. There are KDCs used with AFS
>>>> that are not modifiable, and don't support any k4. You don't want to
>>>> fiddle with the K5 protocols either.  the Its time to get AFS 'k5-izes'.
>>> Yes, it would be lovely if AFS was 100% K5. 
>> The hint was to the AFS developers, that it is time, and some of us
>> use KDCs that are not modifiable.
> Would ANL or IASTATE like to fund the work?  Or anyone else for that matter?

Most likely not. We use single component principal names in cases like this
to avoid the problems John was seeing.

> Generalizing AFS to support other name formats has been on the list for
> a while now (http://www.openafs.org/roadmap.html), its just not
> something that anyone has been willing to prioritize.   As long as there
> is other work that is considered more important (in other words, people
> are willing to write code for or pay others to write code for) this
> project will languish.
> Jeffrey Altman


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