[OpenAFS] Rxkd errors, dropped tokens, and mismatched version numbers...

Bill Stivers stiversb@ucsc.edu
Tue, 18 Dec 2007 13:40:03 -0800

Hey all:

I've asked a similar question before, so I do apologise, 
but I was unable to find any additional information on 
what could be done in order to prevent or fix this error 
in our present context.

At UCSC we upgraded from an exclusively transarc 
environment approximately 2 years ago to a mixed 
transarc/openafs environment.  We run some webservers with 
kerberos keytabs, and tokens generated for authentication 
purposes.. and on our Solaris boxes everything was fine.. 
but when the services were moved to a RHEL 4-based 
platform, suddenly we began to see serious problems with 
RXK errors.  19270408- the mismatched key version number 
error.  I checked keytabs on the system, and I believed 
that I had taken care of the problem by harmonizing the 
keytab version numbers among all those used by kerberos to 
obtain tokens, but the errors are still kicking around.

I'm wondering if this is a "transarc must go away 
entirely" sort of error situation, if it's a k4 versus k5 
sort of issue, and as well, if anyone has any experience 
with the situation.

Any feedback would be much appreciated.

Bill Stivers
ITS Core Technologies Systems Admin./Engr.
UC Santa Cruz