[OpenAFS] [patch review] libafs solaris cleanup

Dale Ghent daleg@umbc.edu
Sun, 11 Feb 2007 16:04:07 -0500


To apply, run the following from the base OpenAFS src tree:
     patch -p0 < openafs-libafs-solaris-cleanup.patch

It'll cleanly apply to 1.4.3rcX as well as 1.5.x.

This patch touches almost every file under src/afs/SOLARIS and  
rectifies most compilation warnings, and a few other things. Any  
warnings which remain require fixes that are outside the scope of  
this basic dusting off of the code.

This patch changes/fixes the following:

1) All functions are defined in accordance to ANSI spec. No more K&R  

2) Convert old typedefs (eg; u_int) to new typedefs (eg: uint_t)

3) Use short typedefs (eg: "struct page *foo" -> "page_t *foo")

4) Dispose of afs_cmp() and afs_getsecattr() and use the Solaris  
builtin fs_cmp() and fs_fab_acl() since functionality was equivalent.

5) Remove "register foo..." variable inits... let the compiler do  
register optimization for us instead.

6) Fix some variable inits (eg: use offset_t instead of int where  
it's obvious offset_t is the correct one to use)

7) Because I'm a pedant and try to subscribe to a particular  
cstyle... "return code;" -> "return (code);"


Dale Ghent
UNIX Systems Specialist
UMBC - Office of Information Technology
ECS 201 - x51705