[OpenAFS] govenen laptop encryption requiements

tc tedcxx3@yahoo.com
Mon, 19 Feb 2007 10:35:56 -0900

Gary Buhrmaster wrote:
> ted creedon wrote:
>> Have openafs users been affected by
>> http://www.whitehouse.gov/omb/memoranda/fy2006/m06-16.pdf ?
> Anyone who is a "Fed" (or a Fed contractor) has had to deal
> with that memo, and address the issues (quite some time
> ago, actually).  Primarily, the point is to insure there is
> not another VA incident (loss of PII).  If your agency has
> to deal with this, there are a number of interesting
> interpretations available via your favorite beltway bandit
> regarding the actual steps needed to fully comply(*).  I do
> not recall that OpenAFS had any special advantages or
> disadvantages in addressing the compliance issues for this
> memorandum, but your agency compliance officers may have a
> different point of view, and are the officials to ask for
> definitive answers.
> Gary
> (*) For those that are not conversant in Fed-speak (and
>     for those who try to avoid it), Fed memos do not
>     always say what you think they say.  Common English
>     interpretations of the words written do not always
>     result in the correct (in Fed-speak) interpretations.
>     You often need one of the consultant firms to
>     provide the guidance as to how they will actually
>     be interpreted and measured against.
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I was curious because I've supplied laptops and SCADA software for a
power plant at a Missile Defense Site. There's less than zero chance the
laptops could be stolen or lost.

Needless to say no one is concerned and I am just curious. Is any file
data for the win AFS client left resident on the hard drive?