[OpenAFS] software for windows start out of OpenAFS Filespace?

David Bear David.Bear@asu.edu
Wed, 21 Feb 2007 10:39:50 -0700

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> >Hi!
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> >Has anyone started a list (in a wiki or for only his own usage) of
> >software for windows (workstations) which runs out of OpenAFS filespace?
> >E.G. mplayer or media player classic should do without any problems.
> >But are there more?

Well, you can add to the list a product called BrioQuery -- its older
and I think it has now been renamed.

However, the only way I was able to make it work was to map a drive
letter to the afs path and then do the installation into the mapped

It would be nice if windows truly understood unc's everywhere.. I am
running bash scripts through cygwin out of afs as well. I start cygwin
bash through windows cmd files -- bash understands unc's.

I also find that I can successfully run any the pstools out of afs
when using a mapped drive -- these are simple statically linked exe's

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