[OpenAFS] windows network path not found

Dave Botsch botsch@cnf.cornell.edu
Wed, 21 Feb 2007 13:48:50 -0500

So, in concert with the Symantec Client Firewall, we've seen some systems give
the "network path not found" when accessing ThisCell. Usually, this goes away
after a while as specified in:


	Note that "network path not found" does not mean that communication with
	the file servers doesn't work.  It more often means that Windows is
	timing out the connection to the AFS SMB server, tearing it down, and
	waiting for a while, and reconnecting.  In that period of "waiting for
	a while" you get "network path not found" errors and "NET USE" will
	report paths to \\AFS as disconnected.

I can't yet reproduce this on command to be able to capture debugging
information, but am willing to spend some more time on this if it's not
yet known what is going on (I see mention in the above email of a bug
report... did that ever happen?). In the meantime, I wanted to ask:

any known issues as to why this would happen and why it only seems to happen
with ThisCell? We've seen it be more prominent it seems when the ThisCell is
using freelance.

Any known way to kick Windows to stop "waiting a while" and try again now?


David William Botsch
CNF Computing