[OpenAFS] framework for future release model

Franco senseiwa@mac.com
Thu, 22 Feb 2007 19:07:52 +0100

On Feb 21, 2007, at 09:11pm, Derrick J Brashear wrote:

> f) we will continue to work with contributors to improve web tools, so
> releases can be done in a more trouble-free manner. In addition to  
> the obvious web release page, things which would be nice to get  
> would be
> release RSS feeds, and if done right our standalone installers  
> (e.g. not
> .deb/.rpm) could use these to determine if new releases were  
> available.
> g) last, the web site is currently very developer/admin focused. We
> should be splitting e.g.
> www.openafs.org users (preserving working urls)
> developer.openafs.org developers
> admin.openafs.org administrators
> and have content or at least layout tailored to each at each site.  
> The elders have accepted a proposal from Sine Nomine for the  
> donation of a new web site design with this in mind.

If the web site isn't that critical with time, I can help after my  
thesis defense (by end of march I'll be free). If help is needed, I'm  
here :)

I agree with a restyle of the site, rss feeds are a very good idea. I  
don't know anything about current web-related tools, where I can find  
some examples of those?

By the way, was the osx preference pane developed further?

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