[OpenAFS] more newbie questions

Douglas E. Engert deengert@anl.gov
Thu, 22 Feb 2007 16:47:48 -0600

Jonathan Dobbie wrote:
> Thank you for the responses, we're still designing our storage system 
> and AFS still seems like the best option.  I've installed AFS on a test 
> server (G4 OSX - I figured I'd start with the craziest platform we might 
> want it on)
> I'm hoping that if I toss my plan out now, people can point out the 
> holes before I invest too much time in it.  The end goal is uptime more 
> than performance.
> Our AFS servers would probably all be running linux.  Clients are OSX, 
> windows and Linux.
> There would be an MSKDC that would trust the main MIT KDC.  I need to 
> talk to the Windows Admin about ntlm, but if we need to sync the 
> passwords, thats fine (password change is done via a webpage or command 
> line tools that we wrote, not passwd), if not, the MSKDC will have 
> random passwords.

You don't need to sync passwords. Users can be registered in either realm,
and AFS can be configured to accept either, with or with out cross-realm
trust being in place. If you don't already have both the MS and MIT KDC, 
consider just using what you have. AFS does not require the setup of an
additional realm.

> Thank you for your help
> Jonathan Dobbie
> Academic System Administrator
> Minneapolis College of Art and Design.
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