[OpenAFS] more newbie questions

Rodney Mark Dyer rmdyer@uncc.edu
Fri, 23 Feb 2007 15:38:04 -0500

At 01:12 PM 2/23/2007, Jonathan Dobbie wrote:

>I guess it comes down to: what is the best way to have live or 
>nearly live failover of user directories?

Don't.  You are kidding yourself if you think any kind of fail-over 
on any kind of network file system user volume is a "good thing".  If 
you need that level of reliability then you must move to a RAID 
setup, unless someone like Network Appliance has something to fill in 
the gaps.  IMHO, fail-over on a user volume is bad simply because you 
need to know "something" went wrong, and the user needs to be 
informed of possible file corruption, sooner rather than later.

>Should I just automate vos release every minute and then do a vos 

Again, you are trying to do something that is a "bad idea".


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