[OpenAFS] env vars being ignored - 1.4.2 building aklog

Jim Rees rees@umich.edu
Wed, 3 Jan 2007 15:57:19 -0500

Jeff Blaine wrote:

  CC and CPPFLAGS being ignored (I am using GNU make of course)
  when building aklog.  Also, isn't this supposed to build by
  default, what with kaserver's deprecation and all... ?

You want KRB5CFLAGS and KRB5LIBS.  These are options to configure, not to
make.  If this isn't documented somewhere it should be.

To build aklog you need configure --with-krb5.  This is not currently the
default but I'm sure it will be soon.  Note that if you are using heimdal
you don't need aklog, use heimdal's afslog instead.  Again, if this isn't
documented, it should be.

You shouldn't need gmake.  I don't know about the compiler issue but I'm
sure it's been discussed on the -devel mailing list.