[OpenAFS] Active Directory 2003, kerberos 5, openAFS - rxkad error=19270407, arghhhh

John W. Sopko Jr. sopko@cs.unc.edu
Fri, 05 Jan 2007 09:51:57 -0500

I have been following this thread. I also want to test our Windows AD for
authentication. I have tested a krb5 server on linux and am familiar with
generating a keytab/KeyFile for the afs/cell.name service principal using
kadmin and asetkey. I got a bit confused with your Windows AD procedure.
Could you please summarize and post the steps you used including command
line options.

For example, one  thread says you ran ktutil on linux not Windows but as
far as I know ktutil on linux is used to manipulate keytabs files not
export keys from the krb5 principal database. Looks like you basically
did this:

- Create Windows AD user afs/cell.name user with "DES" key only
- Used Microsoft 2003 SP1 ktpass.exe to export the afs/cell.name to a keytab
- Used OpenAFS asetkey to import keytab to /usr/afs/etc/KeyFile
- This did not work
- You then used ktutil.exe on Windows to to export the afs/cell.name to a keytab
- Used OpenAFS asetkey to import keytab to /usr/afs/etc/KeyFile
- Success
- Appears to be some issue with Microsoft 2003 SP1 ktpass.exe

Which ktutil command did you run, on Windows or L/Uinux?
Where did you get the ktutil command for Windows?
Did you upgrade to a Microsoft ktpass.exe that worked?

Appreciate the info and the time you saved us!

I would prefer to run the MIT K5 server on linux for OpenAFS but I bet
others have the same issue I have. Our Windows machines run in the same
DNS domain as our L/Unix machines. The Windows folks have been running
AD under our DNS/cell.name/realm name for sometime. Our afs cellname
is the same as our DNS name. I have tested using a different KRB realm
name and using the "domain_realm" mapping, it gets confusing to have 2
kerberos realm names in the same DNS domain. It does not make sense to
run 2 different krb5 servers for authentication.

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> Correction on that:
> The "ktutil" was run on the linux host! (not windows)
> But still... the ktpass.exe gives me bogus keyfiles.
> /Erik
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> rxkad error=3D19270407, arghhhh
> =20
> OK, I believe have resolved the problem now after 5 whole days of trial =
> and error.
> It turns out that using the "KTPASS" native from Active Directory =
> generates keys that is not liked by AFS.
> I instead used ktutil.exe (for windows) to generate my key that I then =
> imported as usual into AFS. =20
> On Microsoft AD side:
>> ktutil
> ktutil: addent -password -p afs/sss.se.scania.com@LAB.SCANIA.COM -k 9 -e =
> des-cbc-crc
> ktutil: wkt ./keytab.file
> ktutil: quit=20
> This file is then copied to linux and imported exactly as I would =
> normally:
> asetkey add 9 keytab.file afs/sss.se.scania.com
> Now - everything works=20
> kinit sssler
> aklog
> touch /afs/sss.se.scania.com/home/sssler/somefile
> ls /afs/sss.se.scania.com/home/sssler/somefile
>  /afs/sss.se.scania.com/home/sssler/somefile
> Success!
> I verified this by behaviour - AGAIN - by using the "KTPASS.EXE" =
> (without changing anything else) and importing the key with "asetkey" as =
> normal.
> C:\ktpass -out afs-keytab-md5-verify -princ =
> afs/sss.se.scania.com@LAB.SCANIA.COM -mapuser afs -crypto DES-CBC-CRC  =
> -pass *
> Targeting domain controller: SeSoCoLab11.scania.se
> Successfully mapped afs/sss.se.scania.com to afs.
> Type the password for afs/sss.se.scania.com:
> Type the password again to confirm:
> WARNING: pType and account type do not match. This might cause  =
> problems.
> Key created.
> Output keytab to afs-keytab-md5-verify:
> Keytab version: 0x502
> keysize 63 afs/sss.se.scania.com@LAB.SCANIA.COM ptype 0 =
> (KRB5_NT_UNKNOWN) vno 9
> etype 0x1 (DES-CBC-CRC) keylength 8 (0xbff2e56b29943d3e)
> (Again publishing the key to the whole world ;-)=20
> ... and - using this key in AFS - I get the same error again : rxkad =
> error=3D19270407
> I swapped back again to the key generated by ktutil.exe - and it works =
> again.
> It seems that using the KTPASS.EXE generates bogus keys for me!
> I have not read this anywhere and I have read pretty much everyting, did =
> I miss something critical here or is this a bug/feature?
> /Erik

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