[OpenAFS] How to remove fileserver-address

FB fbo2@gmx.net
Mon, 8 Jan 2007 15:21:27 +0100


One of my fileservers has two NICs. Only one is used but the second one
has been active (by mistake) once when I started the fileserver.

Now I've got an additional addresse in my VLDB which I cannot get rid of:

 huchen> vos listaddrs -printuuid
 vsu_ClientInit: Could not get afs tokens, running unauthenticated.


 UUID: 00339258-ada0-12ba-9d-be-0b3a000aaa77


I tried to remove the address - without success:

 huchen> vos changeaddr -remove -localauth
 Could not remove server from the VLDB
 VLDB: volume Id exists in the vldb

Is there another way which doesn't require me to delete and rebuild by VLDB?