[OpenAFS] AFS Tokens Gui for Panther released

Dave Botsch botsch@cnf.cornell.edu
Mon, 15 Jan 2007 15:30:14 -0500


I've gotten the AFS Tokens Mac gui to compile under Panther. Binaries and
source are now available at https://forge.cornell.edu/sf/projects/afs_tokens -
click the File Releases tab.

Source for the Tiger version is also up.

I am aware of one bug in the Panther version -- attempting to use Kerberos 5 to
get tokens for cells via afsdb (meaning the cell is not listed in CellServDB)
causes a crash. The crash is taking place somewhere in the libresolv code.

Download and enjoy!

Question, comments, and complaints are most welcome!

David William Botsch
CNF Computing