[OpenAFS] 1.4.1 Linux client: callbacks on a directory fail to invalidate status info of files in it

Rainer Toebbicke rtb@pclella.cern.ch
Wed, 17 Jan 2007 17:29:00 +0100

When doing an 'rm xxx', the file server does not break callbacks for 
"xxx", but only for the directory containing "xxx".

Now, at least in OpenAFS 1.4.1 on Linux this does not invalidate the 
cached information for "xxx" on another machine. Of course "ls xxx*" 
or something will fail since the directory is correctly re-read, but 
"ls -l xxx" and "cat xxx" still work if previously cached. Worse, 
since e.g. "vim"'s strategy of changing a file is to create rename it 
and create a new one we end up with a change seemingly not propagated.

Tested on 1.4.1 on Linux (kernel 2.4 & 2.6) only, no problem on 
Solaris, nor with older (1.2.x) clients.

Is this a known problem which escaped my attention? Fix?

Rainer Toebbicke
European Laboratory for Particle Physics(CERN) - Geneva, Switzerland
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