[OpenAFS] problems on windows 1.5.1302 - network path was not found

Lars Schimmer l.schimmer@cgv.tugraz.at
Fri, 19 Jan 2007 14:35:17 +0100

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Jeffrey Altman wrote:
> Lars Schimmer wrote:
>> Hi!
>> We=B4ve got some problems with our Cell with windows client of OpenAFS.
>> On my laptop windows XP SP2 I installed 1.5.1302 of OpenAFS and mostly
>> it works.
>> But from time to time, I could grab a token and I could access the mai=
>> path of our cell.
>> EG I mapped \\AFS\cgv.tugraz.at\ to Z: and \\AFS\.cgv.tugraz.at to Y:
>> No I open the explorer and I could access Z:, but while trying to acce=
>> Y: or ANY directory under Z: I get a "The network path was not found" =
>> Even restart the OpenAFS service doesn=B4t resolv the problem.
>> With other linux clients I get no problem in the time.
>> I captured the events with the process monitor from sysinternals, if
>> someone wants to see that.
> You can file a bug report at openafs-bugs@openafs.org with that
> information.  YOu need to file both the file system events as captured
> with procmon or filemon AND the matching AFS debug events as captured
> with DebugView.  (See the release notes debugging section.)   When both
> sets of data are logged with millisecond clock time it is possible to
> synchronize the logs.
> Note that "network path not found" does not mean that communication wit=
> the file servers doesn't work.  It more often means that Windows is
> timing out the connection to the AFS SMB server, tearing it down, and
> waiting for a while, and reconnecting.  In that period of "waiting for
> a while" you get "network path not found" errors and "NET USE" will
> report paths to \\AFS as disconnected.
> This problem is the primary reason why OpenAFS must get a native file
> system implementation.

I know, the native connect is priority no.1.
But I restarted the system and still get the error msg with no delay. So
I assumed a problem on the fileserver side. I did a bos restart -all on
every fileserver we have and problem was gone.
But a user of us has a "backup script" with some xcopy in it to copy
some local data into AFS space and that script nearly always hung in
between with the network path not found. I have a look at it to get
debug information if time=B4s available.

>> btw: we need to disable the OpenAFS context menu, as it still waits fo=
>> a timeout on files not in OpenAFS path.
> Very simply.  I can't fix something I can't replicate.   The problem is
> going to be an issue with the pioctl calls.  In the release notes is a
> section on debugging pioctl calls.  You should be seeing exactly the
> same sort of delays for "fs whereis <localpath>".  If you are seeing a
> large number of disconnects from the \\AFS service that would be a
> good explanation for the delays using the explorer shell.  The extensio=
> has to talk to the afs client service.  If it can't, it will have to
> wait until it can.
> If you can provide me remote access to a system that experiences the
> problem with the sysinternals procmon and dbgview installed and the
> Windows Debugger installed, it would make it much easier for me to
> figure out what about your environment is interfering.

That would be great. I see what I can do here in the next few days to
get a user setup and login for you.

> Jeffrey Altman

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