[OpenAFS] fs setacl and permissions

Christof Hanke hanke@rzg.mpg.de
Thu, 25 Jan 2007 16:59:00 +0200

Juha J=C3=A4ykk=C3=A4 wrote:
> Hi!
> =20
> as a member of system:adminstrators, do
> mkdir /afs/cell/dir
> mkdir /afs/cell/dir/dir2
> fs setacl /afs/cell/dir user all
> as user, do
> fs setacl /afs/cell/dir/dir2 anyone anything
> to get
> fs: You don't have the required access rights on ...

This is the expected behaviour, ACLs are not inherited.

> Is there now now way of transferring a directory tree from user1 to use=
> without the administrator manually (or with find /tree -type -d exec ..=
> changing the permissions of all the directories in the tree?

Well, user1 (or any user with "a"-rights) has to do the find.
I mean, instead of relying on the implicit "a"-right, give some user=20
explicit "a"-rights and teach them how to use find.

> -Juha