[OpenAFS] set client to refuse byte-range locks?

Matt Benjamin matt@linuxbox.com
Sun, 28 Jan 2007 16:21:57 -0500


There is work ongoing to improve the Unix-like clients' locking 
support.  At the moment, I don't think OpenAFS 1.4 or 1.5 have an easy 
way to do (either notion you suggested of ) what you want, but, it was 
easy to hack up a patch to do it (the first suggestion, I didn't want to 
think about the second one). 


Adam Megacz wrote:
> Is there any way to set the Linux OpenAFS client to simply refuse all
> requests for byte-range locks?
> Barring that, is there a way to find out which file the message "afs:
> byte-range lock/unlock ignored; make sure no one else is running this
> program" refers to?
>   - a


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