[OpenAFS] OpenAFS on vistax64

Ron Croonenberg ronc@depauw.edu
Wed, 31 Jan 2007 12:35:52 -0500

Hi Jeffrey

> vista requires that functions such as changing registry settings
> and starting/stopping services be done as the "Administrator".  You can
> do so by starting the processes as normal users.  These are known UI
> issues that are documented in the release notes.

Ok,  does it "really" need to be the "Administrator" account or is a 
user/account that is in the administrators groups ok too ?

> I have documented replacement user interfaces that are compatible with
> the Vista UAC on my web site
>  http://www.secure-endpoints.com/openafs-windows-roadmap.html
> The work to implement the necessary changes is in need of funding.
> As resources are available the work will get done.

ok, I'll be patient

> Configure the user's profile to point to the user's volume and
> reference it via the UNC path.  Do not use drive letters.  You cannot
> ensure that they will be present everywhere the user logs in.

Uhm  little problem.  We only have one user profile (they are 
lab/classroom machines). The UNC is ok to use, but in labs and 
classrooms we have a situation where we know for sure what drive letters 
we can use. So with no windows profile specifically for "a user"  we 
cannot just mount that users volume and not show the others I assume. 
(we don't know "a priori" who will use a specific machine)