[OpenAFS] Re: [OpenAFS-devel] SOS: AFS instllation/Configuration

Marcus Watts mdw@umich.edu
Wed, 31 Jan 2007 16:00:03 -0500

"Srikanth Bhaskar" <srikanth.bhaskar@gmail.com> writes:
> I hand-edited the file as you mentioned stopping the bosserver. Even then, I
> get the same error. I hand-edited the file in /usr/afs/etc and
> /usr/vice/etc/ also.
> I was able to go through this point on AIX and Solaris. but on FC3, I am
> stuck at this point. Any other resources? Please suggest me..
> Thanks,
> Srikanth


If you get different behavior on FC3, and it didn't change when you
hand-editted the configuration files, you probably have binaries with
different configuration that aren't looking at your configuration
files.  Ie, the binaries you're using expect different paths for
CellServDB & ThisCell.  It's also possible that there's a weirdness
with newlines and ThisCell, which would be due to an openafs bug you
might be able to fix by getting a later version of openafs, or that
you've made a typo, ...

To find out what paths your server binary is using:

strace -f -o /tmp/something /usr/afs/bin/bosserver [options -- see your notes.]
[ proceed with installation until you get the error]
^C out of strace
egrep '(CellServDB|ThisCell|BosConfig|KeyFile)' /tmp/something

If you see weird paths for CellServDB & ThisCell, then your
openafs was built with a different configuration (than your AIX
& Solaris builds) - and you will need to revise your installation
directions accordingly.

For the openafs bug & for folks here, do this and
report *exactly* what you see (do not obscure ip addresses etc.)
od -xc ThisCell CellServDB
sed -n l ThisCell CellServDB

ThisCell should end with a newline.  sed may tack on a newline;
od will not (but may tack on a spurious \0 "past" eof.)
If the newline is missing, some versions of openafs will get confused.
CellServDB should contain no spaces between > and cellname, & whitespace
# comment after the cellname.

Also be sure your bos command is talking to the right test host.
You can use strace for that as well.