[OpenAFS] bosserver - lwp stack overflow

Marcel Steinke m.steinke@kubus-ng.net
Tue, 5 Jun 2007 21:14:44 +0200

Am Dienstag, 5. Juni 2007 19:50 schrieb Karen L Eldredge:
> I'm trying to configure an OpenAFS server on a PPC with SLES 10 installed,
> and have compiled successfully.  When trying to setup the initial server
> machine I get the following error when trying to run bosserver -noauth:
> topstack = 0xf7fc604c: stackptr = 0xf7f96008: stacksize = 0x30000
> Tue Jun  5 11:15:06 2007 LWP: stack overflow in process IO MANAGER!

I think ppc64 is broken. Please look at the archive of the mailinglist:

Maybe you try the mentioned patches from Russ Allberry. I couldn't get them to 
work on my openSUSE 10.2 ppc64. I'm also very interested in a solution if you 
could find one.

Marcel Steinke

Yes, we're open!