[OpenAFS] cgi and afs?

Zach netrek@gmail.com
Thu, 7 Jun 2007 16:59:46 -0400

I was talking to our sys admin. about allowing us users to run cgi
programs from our afs accounts (served from $HOME/www which has
"system:anyuser rl") and asked if the web server could do this and was
told first that the CMU AFS team was working on a way to make CGI
principles for andrew (AFS realm) users so we can support them on
contrib (AFS realm) and then later told they ran into a problem with
permissions but had to work on the code a bit more. This was 8 months
ago and still waiting for this to be finished. Curious if Open AFS
already has a way to do this or plans on implementing it. I think CMU
is running special in-house customized AFS. Is there a canonical way
for a user to tell which version of AFS is running?