[OpenAFS] KFW and 1.5.20 does not get AFS tokens during logon

Steven Tender Steven Tender" <tender@umd.edu
Thu, 14 Jun 2007 09:31:52 -0400


On a Windows XP SP2 machines (fully patched) I have KFW version 3.2 
installed, OpenAFS 1.5.19 and ksetup configured to our KDC.  I am able to 
obtain AFS tokens and kerberos tickets using netidmgr during logon.  When I 
install OpenAFS 1.5.20, I no longer get AFS tokens, unless I manually modify 
the identity to specify using Kerberos 5 as the method to obtain AFS tokens. 
Is this a bug in AFS (or netidmgr), or is there a way to force the default 
method of obtaining AFS tokens to be kerberos 5?