[OpenAFS] Having trouble releasing volumes to newsite

David Sonenberg dsonenberg@strozllc.com
Thu, 21 Jun 2007 16:49:18 -0400

I moved it to a different switch and that seems to have done it.  Thanks
a lot everyone for your help and ideas.=20

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David Sonenberg <dsonenberg@strozllc.com> wrote:
> The two machines involved are on the same subnet mask, and neither are

> running a local firewall.

I've seen problems similar to this with duplex settings on Ethernet
controllers.  Can you try hard-coding both sides to 100BASE full duplex
and see if that works?  Or perhaps change the intermediate network
device?  (Use a different switch.)

Is this the only thing that fails?  Are their other network related
problems?  (Specifically with UDP traffic instead of TCP traffic.)  Does
netstat -s report a high number of errors?


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