[OpenAFS] User got token, but aklog doesn´ t show it? - SOLVED

Lars Schimmer l.schimmer@cgv.tugraz.at
Tue, 26 Jun 2007 13:41:05 +0200

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Lars Schimmer wrote:
> Thomas Sesselmann wrote:
>> Hello,
>> Lars Schimmer wrote:
>>> ...
>>> The "ThisCell" file is set and it is the correct cellname.
>>> Here the shell output as root:
>>> kinit admin
>>> Password for admin@CGV.TUGRAZ.AT:
>>> root@rtype /etc/openafs # aklog -d
>>> Authenticating to cell cgv.tugraz.at (server phobos.cgv.tugraz.at).
>>> We've deduced that we need to authenticate using referrals.
>>> Getting tickets: afs/cgv.tugraz.at@
>> can you send us the content of your
>> /etc/krb5.conf and the lines of your cell in CellServDB
>> IMO there are the cause of the error/problem.
> OK, I attached it.
>> cgv.tugraz.at          #CGV cell
>                  #phobos.cgv.tugraz.at
>                  #deimos.cgv.tugraz.at
>                  #trinculo.cgv.tugraz.at
> is the entry in the CellServDB under /etc/openafs/CellServDB.

Ok. the ID part is solved after a "hard" look upon the krb5.conf.
I just added a domain entry to it (cgv.tugraz.at = CGV.TUGRAZ.AT).
I should hit myself hard for this small error.

But now gdm/kdm hits me again...
kdm doesn´t obtain me tokens while logging in (on debian sid).
and gdm tells me on login, it can´t access ".dmrc"....

On the other side, OpenAFS gets more and more reliable and faster :-)

>> best regards
>> Thomas Sesselmann
> MfG,
> Lars Schimmer

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