[OpenAFS] AFS Fileserver Won't Start --> Can't Release root.cell or root.afs

Christopher D. Clausen cclausen@acm.org
Thu, 4 Oct 2007 23:44:09 -0500

Karl M. Davis <karl@ridgetop-group.com> wrote:
> I then tried running "vos changeaddr -oldaddr -remove", but
> it looks like some of my volumes are still "stuck" on the old IP:
> karl@picacho:~$ sudo vos changeaddr -oldaddr -remove
> -localauth -verbose
> Could not remove server from the VLDB
> VLDB: volume Id exists in the vldb

I'd say to try and get a good vos dump of each volume that you care 
about so that you can at least restore to a new cell if things go bad 
from here.

Usually I'd fix this finding the volume that is listed as being on that 
IP and moving it to another server :-)  But it would seem that you have 
already done that.  I guess its possible that the vldb still thinks that is one of the servers somehow.  Did you try restarting your 
file servers?

Does vos syncvldb/syncserv do anything useful for you?  If not, it 
should be safe to shutdown the AFS server and delete the VL db files and 
have them get recreated at server startup.  (Might need to delete the 
sysid file as well.)

Or, vos dumping, deleting, and recreate each volume via vos restore may 
fix it, assuming you have fixed all problems.

> How would I go about resolving this?  By the way, thanks very much
> for all of your help so far; you've really saved my ass on this.

No problem.  I'm glad it helped.