[OpenAFS] Publishing a FUSE file system over OpenAFS

Anthony Wright anthony@communitymesh.com
Wed, 17 Oct 2007 23:07:26 +0100

I had a look at the thread, but unless I'm mistaken it's talking about 
using FUSE to publish an AFS filesystem, rather than using AFS to 
publish a FUSE filesystem.

Giovanni Bracco wrote:
> Have you see the thread of the previous posting to openafs-info@openafs.org?
> http://www.openafs.org/pipermail/openafs-info/2007-January/024971.html
> Giovanni
> On Sunday 14 October 2007 23:54, Anthony Wright wrote:
>> I've been interested in using OpenAFS as an alternative to NFS for a
>> while now, and most of the arguments in it's favour seem fairly
>> compelling, but i'm struggling with one issue.
>> I'm in the process of building a system which will use a FUSE File
>> System which I then want to publish over a  network. I can  clearly
>> understand how to do this with NFS, but  from my (limited) knowledge,
>> OpenAFS seems to be much more tightly bound to the underlying file
>> system than NFS, and I can't see how I produce a FUSE file system, and
>> then access that file system through an OpenAFS client.
>> Is this something that can be done under OpenAFS and if so how? If not
>> is there an OpenAFS API similar in concept to FUSE that would allow a
>> user mode program to publish a file system over OpenAFS?
>> If the answer to these two questions is no, does this mean I've found
>> out a way in which NFS is better than OpenAFS? ;-)
>> Many thanks,
>> Tony Wright.
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