[OpenAFS] AFS always readonly?

Tim OBrien tjobrien@hiwaay.net
Thu, 18 Oct 2007 14:26:54 -0500 (CDT)

I have AFS for Win32 set up between two machines at different sites. Both have
AFS servers set up, and they're both in the same cell. The machine in my office
has a file on it, and I can get to the file using the AFS client on that
machine. However, from the other machine, I can't create a mountpoint in afs or
do much of anything, since it states that /afs is mounted read only. I used the
same credentials I used on the server (where the client gets r/w access), and
the client software took the credentials and said they were valid, etc..

I admit to being a newbie, and I've read a lot to try and help myself...
Unfortunately I can't seem to get past this read only issue. Could someone point
me in the right direction? 

Also, does anyone know of a simple tutorial that illustrates from start to
finish, for newbies, how to set up a cell, share files, and work with the files
from other machines? Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Tim O'Brien <tjobrien@hiwaay.net>