[OpenAFS] Quick Start Guide updated for Kerberos v5

Jason Edgecombe jason@rampaginggeek.com
Sat, 20 Oct 2007 12:22:28 -0400

Simon Wilkinson wrote:
> I've just made an HTML version of the current OpenAFS Quick Start
> Guide for Unix available at
> http://homepages.inf.ed.ac.uk/sxw/OpenAFSQuickStart/book1.html
> This includes a load of changes that were made a few months ago to
> update the guide so that it describes the process of setting up a cell
> using Kerberos 5, rather than kaserver. As the main author of those
> modifications, I'd welcome feedback about those instructions.
Hi Simon,

Thanks for doing this. I've done a quick read of your document. Here are
my notes:

    * about upgrading OS:
        **Should the namei fileserver be mentioned? Is namei the
recommended way?

chapter 2:
  * getting started on solaris:
        ** it still mentions copying files from cd-rom (grep for "CD-ROM")
        **only mentions solaris 7, it should mention 8, 9 &
10/opensolaris or just say 7 & later versions
       ** about fsck: does solaris use inode, namei or both? Is
clarification needed?

(I could only review solaris & linux. I don't know AIX, HPUX, or IRIX)

"The entry for AFS server processes, called either *afs* or
*afs//cell/*. No user logs in under this identity, but it is used to
encrypt the server tickets that granted to AFS clients for presentation
to server processes during mutual authentication."

should that be "...that are granted to AFS clients..."?

I read up through "Initializing the Protection Database". I'll finish
reading it later.