[OpenAFS] Automatic move of volumes

Steve Devine sdevine@msu.edu
Wed, 24 Oct 2007 08:03:55 -0400

Jacob Volstrup wrote:
> Hi,
> For quite some time I've been searching for something to help me move
> some volumes from a constantly failing /vicepa raid to my new /vicepb.
> The reason for not doing this manually is partly that I'm lazy and
> Further, I would like to have this fully automated if I would like to
> move them back in the future (perhaps when the disks for /vicepa are
> replaced).
> So my big question is if there exists anything to help migrate volumes
> from one partition to another which keeps the mount point intact?
> Sincerely, Jacob Volstrup
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The mount point(s) are independent of volume location. Thats the beauty 
of AFS you can move volumes at will and the user is unaware.
Myself I get a root token and run vos listvol 'servername vicepX' 
 >somefile and then grep out the RW vols and use a perl script to move 
em. If you have RO vols then you need to make sure you deal with them.  
But its pretty straight forward. No doubt there are more elegant ways to 
do this but I like a chance to review things as they go.