[OpenAFS] Automatic move of volumes

Steven Jenkins steven.jenkins@gmail.com
Wed, 24 Oct 2007 10:25:39 -0400

On 10/24/07, Kevin Hildebrand <kevin@umd.edu> wrote:
> We've actually had this need a number of times...  Say for instance,
> you've installed a new version of software in volume X for testing
> purposes, or as Derrick suggests, using the volume as a web backend.
> Then you run out of disk space, have a failing server, etc, and you need
> to move the RO replications - there's no easy way to do so without
> releasing the volume.

I sort of understand this need, but I suggest that it's caused by poor
namespace management, and that the solution should be to improve that
rather than try to keep your RWs and ROs out of sync with each other.

There are several ways to have versionized trees: two are
- at the top (ie, different root volumes)
- in the middle of the filesystem space via symlinks (eg, have a
volume 'in the middle' of your hierarchy that lets you have 'dev' and
'prod' links) -- take a look at slides 15 & 16 of
for one way to do that