[OpenAFS] Automatic move of volumes

Mike Polek mike@pictage.com
Wed, 24 Oct 2007 16:36:19 -0700

I wrote a couple perl script some time ago to move
volumes between servers. It uses the AFS::VOS
perl interface, and it handles RO volumes. It doesn't
take into account purposely unreleased volumes, as
we don't really do that here. (We use the backup volume
at times for previews and such, but we try to keep
the RW and RO in sync at all times.) I don't think it
handles the issue where there is already a RO on the
target either. Our cell is organized so that wouldn't
really happen.  It uses a support
script that attempts to distribute the volumes evenly
between the destination servers/partitions.

If you would like a copy, contact me off list. Or if
there is sufficient interest, I can publish to the
list. I don't know how many people besides us use
the perl interface.


chas williams - CONTRACTOR wrote:
> In message <1193225691.11351.34.camel@thor>,Jacob Volstrup writes:
>>For quite some time I've been searching for something to help me move
>>some volumes from a constantly failing /vicepa raid to my new /vicepb.
>>The reason for not doing this manually is partly that I'm lazy and
>>Further, I would like to have this fully automated if I would like to
>>move them back in the future (perhaps when the disks for /vicepa are
> i wrote this a while back when i was migrating file servers.  it takes
> 4 arguments, <from server> <from partition> <to server> <to partition>,
> and optionally the -ro flag to also move the read-only's.
> it generates a list of commands that you typically run with /bin/sh (or
> you could just pipe to sh), so if you want to revert your actions at a
> later save this as a script and do a little sed magic on it to reverse
> the actions.
> it doesnt deal with the duplicate readonly problems.  that wouldnt be
> hard to add or you could just live with the errors.

Mike Polek
Pictage, Inc.