[OpenAFS] Backup/Determining Ubik Coordinator/Verifying Databases

Joseph D. Kulisics kulisics@chem.ucla.edu
Wed, 9 Apr 2008 16:22:50 -0700 (PDT)


I'm having a problem with a new AFS database server, and I wanted to try to=
 determine a few things. First, the problem is that I retired an old machin=
e running OpenAFS version 1.4.2. It was the first database server in my cel=
l, and it had the lowest IP address. I retired the old machine and brought =
up a new machine in it's place. The new machine runs OpenAFS version 1.4.6.=
 I configured the machine to be a database server according to the instruct=
ions in the Quick Start Guide.

The old server managed backups from AFS, and when I raised the new server, =
I copied the backups, which I had kept online as files, onto the new server=
. When I run the backup command to try to remove old backups, I get the fol=
lowing error:

backup> deletedump -to 03/21/2008
The following dumps were deleted:
backup: RPC interface mismatch (-452) ; Error while deleting dumps from 0 t=
o 1206082859

The error made me concerned that the new database server might not be commu=
nicating correctly with the old server, and I was trying to go through log =
files to determine that state of the databases servers. I had two questions=

1. How can I determine which server has been elected to be the Ubik write c=

2. Is there a way to check the consistency of the various databases across =
all of the database servers?

These questions mattered mostly for peace of mind and studying the problem =
with the backup system, which doesn't seem to be able to dump a volume anym=
ore. Does anyone recognize the error above?

I apologize if these are silly questions. I couldn't find the answers in my=
 admittedly blind search of documentation. Please, let me know if there is =
more information that I can provide. Thank you,

  Joseph Kulisics


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