[OpenAFS] Incremental backups

Tom Fitzgerald tfitz@MIT.EDU
Fri, 25 Apr 2008 12:21:29 -0400

Can someone confirm that my assumptions about incremental AFS
backups are correct?

1) Aside from needlessly increasing the size of the dump, there's
   no harm in setting the -time of an incremental dump to be
   substantially earlier than it needs to be.

2) If I do a "vos backup X" and later a "vos dump X.backup", then
   later a incremental dump, the -time in the incremental dump
   should be the time of the first "vos backup" (or earlier), not
   the full "vos dump". 

3) vos dump X "01/01/2008"
   is the same as
   vos dump X "01/01/2008 00:00"

In honor of the Evansville, IN school district which lost four
weeks of high school grade information due to "an unfortunate
and very rare combination of hardware problems and backup
configuration settings", I'm sanity-checking all my backup scripts.

Thanks for any info.