[OpenAFS] Changing the hostname of AFS server

dave first linux4dave@gmail.com
Thu, 4 Dec 2008 10:59:45 -0800


Thank you for responding.

Actually, I do have the server up and running under OpenAFS on Linux.
However, I did this under the quickly departing tutelage of the admin
who has left, and don't really understand some nuances about the
structure yet.

For example, the old Transarc AFS server has distinct and separate
files systems for each mount point:


This made sense back in the day.  But, now, as disks volumes can be
quite large, and on Linux one RAID volume for a disk can be more than
adequate to accommodate all the data we require to be held on AFS.  In
other words, there is a 1:1 correspondence of volume to physical

So, the question then becomes, can I just use directories under root (
/ ), when I move the old data volume to the new server, or must I keep
the same physical structure for a seamless move?

>From what I can see, I need to keep the same structure, unless there
is a way to map a volume to a subdirectory so that the user need not
be disturbed by the new physical location of the actual data.

I'm sure I must be missing some information about this....  Also, is
this an appropriate question for the openafs-info list, or should I be
asking this on the openafs-user list?  Which would be more


On Thu, Dec 4, 2008 at 8:55 AM, David R Boldt <dboldt@usgs.gov> wrote:
> I empathize with your situation, about seven years ago I started
> down the path of learning AFS had set up the first cell in USGS.
> My expertise is nowhere near that of the developers who
> regularly contribute to this forum, but I would be happy to contribute
> what small bits of wisdom I've managed to accumulate.
> My understanding is that AFS is largely oblivious to hostnames
> and uses IP addresses for all internal data structures.
> Not sure from your description whether you have already set up
> a new AFS fileserver on your Linux box or not.
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> [OpenAFS] Changing the hostname of AFS server
> Hello,
> I am new to AFS.  I have inherited an old, crusty, but functional
> Transarc AFS cluster of three servers running on Solaris 5.8.
> Unfortunately, the hardware has become unstable.  I have installed
> OpenAFS server on Linux which communicates with the old AFS service.
> My goal is to migrate all the AFS services to the new Linux OpenAFS
> server which would then become the primary server.  I have a few
> hurdles to overcome before I can do that.  One hurdle is that my
> knowledge of AFS is minuscule, but growing. I've barely scratched the
> surface.
> My question for today is:  How integrated into OpenAFS is the server's
> hostname?  Our Linux server name needs to be changed - easy enough to
> do on Linux, but what needs to be updated in AFS?  My assumption is
> that as long as I touch all the correct config files, and restart the
> service, all will be happy.  Is that correct?
> Since this server also talks with the old AFS server, I would need to
> update the configuration on that as well.
> Any advise or pointers would be most welcome!  I am sure I'm not the
> first one to travel this migration path - so any of you who have "been
> there, done that" please chime in!
> Thanks!
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