[OpenAFS] openafs installation

Roman Hlynovskiy roman.hlynovskiy@gmail.com
Fri, 26 Dec 2008 23:14:58 +0600


I am trying to implement openafs to a couple of servers according to
this guide: http://www.debian-administration.org/articles/610

    goes fine
kinit root/admin; aklog
    also ok

but afs-rootvol
 fails on fs sa /afs system:anyuser rl
fs sa /afs system:anyuser rl
fs: You don't have the required access rights on '/afs'
Failed: 256

at the same time openafs module dumps the following line to dmesg:
afs: Tokens for user of AFS id 0 for cell forever.kz are discarded
(rxkad error=19270407)

ls -al /afs also shows permission denied.

i've installed and configured kerberos according to this guide:
the server is different from the one, on which i am trying to setup afs.

both servers are running debian 4.0
afs version is 1.4.7.dfsg1-3~bpo40+1

i would really appreciate any help on this issue. I've digged through
internet, but could not find only several simmilar cases
with no solution at the end :(

...WBR, Roman Hlynovskiy